All Things Artistically Inspired

All Things Artistically Inspired

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My heart is an hourglass
It lacks a flipside

So when I love someone
They take up space in my heart

That can’t be removed or replaced
I love forever

My mother takes up most of my heart
Smiles that make my heart swell

Cj takes up another huge part Joyful memories that leave a ghost of an ache

Grandma comes next
Always so easy to love when she’s happy

My Step-Father has a piece as well A love that leaves behind a bitter taste

My brother doesn’t have a big part Didn’t see him enough, so I don’t love him as much

My grandfather holds a good piece
I hear his raspy voice sing and smell his best cologne

Ali takes up a small part
For I only love him during holidays

My first love stole a part
First time loving, so without knowing he took a piece with him

My father has one as well For the person I picture him to be, if ever took up the role

Troy took claim of a piece
The guardian angel I’ll never know, and the brother I wish were still here

16 years of love
I wonder how much I have left?

People will stab you in your back and then ask why you’re bleeding.

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